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Mainbrows addresses the vital issue of confidence and self-expression, focusing on an often overlooked segment of our community: Black and Brown women. In our city, we are underrepresented and under serviced in the beauty industry. Our mission is to empower ALL women through exceptional eyebrow services.

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Our Clients Love Their Brows

Rachel Gikonyo


I cannot recommend Main Brows enough! They have excellent customer service, and their work is truly exceptional!

- Wendy  Gikonyo

Tammy Coffer


This place is amazing. I am so happy that my first time experience was with you guys. They took their time to explain everything to me so that I can understand it and feel comfortable and if you did not, you could ask all the questions you need to get you to that point. The combination procedure for me was painless. She was very tentative and made sure that I was comfortable. I will be recommending them to everyone I come across. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience and many blessings to you all.

- Tammy Coffer


Jenni Jimenez


I got the ombré eyebrows done. I absolutely love the time they take mapping and asking other colleagues opinions to make sure the eyebrows are left perfect! Everyone is super polite and friendly. I am definitely going back for a refill ♥️

- Jenni  Jimenez

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